We didn't invent marketing, We PERFECTED it. 

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Our idea was to work only with products we truly believe in!

No sugar coating or crystal balls! We can only help if your product is marketable. Our beliefs are specific and our points of view are proactive. We advocate that marketing is a business where renovation should precede innovation, and there is no finish line.

Pacific World Marketing LLC is unique because of our experience, our expertise, and our approach! What is more important is that our stuff gets seen. The key ingredient to placing a product in the marketplace is the product itself; it has to be marketable! Then, it’s good old fashion hard work. Every product needs exposure.

You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it then you have nothing!

Don’t give up! Persistence, persistence, and persistence.



Pacific World Marketing upholds the highest standards in all aspects of business. The key to our success is our people.

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We always say, there is nothing better than calling a client to let them know they have a signed license agreement! Take a look at a few of our licensed products!

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Cutex Cotton Ball Holder

Pacific World Marketing LLC is pleased to announce our Licensed Patent has showcased in The Oprah Magazine. Cutex Cotton Ball Holder makes it convenient to remove your nail polish without harming your manicure.

Featured in Top Beauty Buys quoted: "Manicure Saver: You know how tricky it is to remove the smudged polish from one nail without mucking up all the others.

 Licensed by Cutex Brand LLC based out of Festus, MO. Cutex Brands LLC has been helping women care for nails since 1911 and has always believed that healthy nails, are beautiful nails. Celebrating 100 years in the nail business, were proud to offer tried-and-true innovative products that have earned Cutex the loyal of generations of women.


Frequently Asked Questions

As professionals in the industry it’s our job to try and be the best teachers that we can be! Take a look at some of the most common questions our team runs across.

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