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Take A Look At A Few Of Our Licensed Products

Take A Look At A Few Of Our Licensed Products


Pacific World Marketing, LLC Licenses Multi-Tier Cake Pan Product to Focus Products Group, LLC

Pacific World Marketing LLC, a product development and invention licensing firm, just licensed the innovative baking product known as the Multi-Tier Cake Pan to Focus Products Group, LLC based out of Vernon Hills, IL.   Focus is a holding company of brands known primarily in kitchen, bath, hospitality, electronics, and food service products.

The Multi-Tier Cake Pan bakes four, mini, multi-tiered cakes at once.  The packaging creates an immediate understanding of how a home-baker can make miniature ‘wedding/shower’ cakes, or let the kids each have their own multi-tier to decorate anyway they choose!

Pacific World Marketing LLC President, Kenneth J. Maghuyop, licensed the product to a brand of Focus, Chicago Metallic – known as The Bakeware Experts®.   Focus Products Group Vice President of Sales, Carol Peyton, said, "We encourage inventors, designers, or anyone with a good, marketable idea.  Many of the products found in our various brands have been co-developed or designed".

Here is what inventor, Sue E, said about Pacific World Marketing LLC, "Pacific World Marketing has helped to make my dream come true. It is so exciting to hold a finished product in my hands. I patented a multi-tier baking pan.  Because of the manufacturing cost it was difficult to license the patent. After trying myself and a different marketing firm I signed with Pacific World Marketing. In less than a year the patent was licensed and is now on the Market and I am receiving Royalties!!  Thanks to all the hard working people at Pacific World Marketing!!"

Multi Tier Cake Pan

Multi Tier Cake Pan


Whitmor Front Access Utility Cart

Whitmor Front Access Utility Cart

Pacific World Marketing secures License Agreement for GibbarWall Building System

We are pleased to announce we have secured a License Agreement for our product called The GibbarWall Building System. Licensed to Thermo Arctic Building Systems LLC.

"Although my father is no longer with us, Pacific World Marketing worked for more than five years (through some of the toughest times for the building industry) to help us make his dream a reality." —Sherry R

The GibbarWALL Building Systems are insulated, high-performance, whole wall systems that are the answer to a world and industry desperately seeking ways to save energy. Each strong, lightweight, insulated concrete panel offers exceptional R-value, and is simple to fabricate and install. The GibbarWALL Building System has been recognized for energy efficiency and structural design by the US Department of Energy, the Missouri Division of Energy, and the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers.

“The GibbarWALL Building Systems were designed by my father, James Gibbar. He was a general contractor in a small town who recognized a big need and had an even bigger dream. Thank you, PWM. Your faith in the GibbarWALL will mean buildings throughout the country will have access to a higher caliber of energy efficiency.” - Sherry R

Snap And Spray Sprinkler System

Snap And Spray Sprinkler System


Pacific World Marketing LLC secures another License Agreement

We are pleased to announce we have secured another License Agreement. The patented Deck Gap Cleaning Tool was invented by Jack L of Bethesda, MD.

The innovative product cleans out deck gaps to provide better drainage and appearance while also preventing mildew and rot. It is easy to operate; just hold on to the broom-stick style handle, and slide the tool through the gaps. Designed to be used for pushing dirt down through gaps, and pulling twigs and sticks up and out of gaps.

We are excited to see our concentrated efforts pay off. There is nothing better than calling our client to inform them that after all of the hard work, we have a signed license agreement.

Congrats to you and your family Jack!

Pacific World Marketing LLC Secures License Agreement, Happy Holidays!

We are pleased to announce we have secured another license agreement. Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit more than signing a License Agreement right before Christmas!

"Beyond excited for this to finally happen, and I could have not done this without the incredible help from Pacific World Marketing. Ken, Bobbie, and to the entire staff at PWM, I cannot thank you enough. You truly helped turn my dream into a reality. Happy New Year, and I know it's going to be a great year ahead because of you. Cheers!!! - Andy K

Andy, congratulations to you and your family from everyone here at Pacific World Marketing.


GibbarWall Building System

GibbarWall Building System

Pacific World Marketing Announces the distribution of the patented Snap and Spray Sprinkler System with Sears

Pacific World Marketing based out of Brentwood, CA is a leading provider of product development and new product innovative marketing just announced the distribution of the patented Snap and Spray Sprinkler System with Sears. 

About Snap and Spray Sprinkler System:

The Snap and Spray Sprinkler System makes watering a snap. The product works like an underground system, but without the cost or labor. It offers a 60-foot diameter coverage area, and is completely adjustable for virtually any angle or lawn. The Snap and Spray Sprinkler System comes complete with quick connects for your hose, and detailed instructions. There is no need to dig trenches or lay pipe anymore, and the best part is: you can mow right over it!


Pacific World Marketing LLC secures two (2) License Agreements in one week!

We are excited to announce we have secured two License agreements in one week!

"As a nurse, I am new to the world of inventions and what it takes to get a product on the market. Once I received my patent, I had no idea how much more work was in store for me. I initially tried to build and market my product alone but that quickly became too costly. Right around that time I was contacted by Ken at Pacific World Marketing. I am so glad Ken reached out to me as I am happy to say that I now have a signed licensing agreement and professional prototypes in my hands. My set of medical products will hit the market in the next few months, making my dream a reality. I can't thank Ken and his team enough!" - Lindsay K

Congrats to Lindsay K. and to Stacy S. There is nothing more exciting then calling our clients to let them know we have a signed License Agreement.

I would like to thank Ken and his team at Pacific World Marketing for all their hard work they have put into The Trucker Strap King. It has been a long time waiting on a licensing agreement, but the wait was well worth the reward. Sometimes you want to feel that you have made an accomplishment in your life time that will be left for others to enjoy; thanks to Ken and his hard working team at Pacific World Marketing, I believe this accomplishment has been met in my life. THANK YOU ALL, for all your hard work and determination!!!! Sincerely your friend Stacy S.

Hard work does pay off!