"I would definitely recommend Pacific World Marketing"

At Pacific World Marketing, we love to hear from our clients about how happy they are with our work. It is important to us that we really try to reach out to companies and make contact regarding our products, even though we know it will be a long, slow, process. It involves a lot of reassuring inventors to not give up! Hearing that our hard work pays off, and our clients are happy is always a great day!

We received the following letter from Daniel A, of Hoodsport, WA:

Pacific World Marketing 10-31-2016

Kenneth J Maghuyop

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ken and his staff for all the hard work and diligence in marketing my product.

Ken and his staff have been very helpful and reassuring when I was concerned that I needed to make changes to the product.

This is a new experience for me and I appreciate all the drive and experience it involves.

I would definitely recommend Pacific World Marketing of Brentwood Ca. for all of your Marketing needs

Thank you Ken and staff for all your help

Danial P Adams

Hoodsport Wash.

Another Happy Client

If you haven't already, take some time to read through our 'Testimonials' page! We're always adding to it as we receive feedback from our clients.

It is always a great day here at Pacific World when we receive a message from a client letting us know they're happy with the work we're doing for their product!

See if you can find this review on our testimonials page!

It is gratifying to me to see PWM honoring the trust I placed in you

Vanessa. It is great to hear from you concerning the product status...I remember when I made the decision to move forward with Pacific World Marketing being promised that they would create exposure for The Scratching Strap and it is gratifying to me to see PMW  honoring the trust I placed in you. Thank you

Kathy C.

Sample Shipped for Possible Licensing Agreement

Last month, we let everyone know that we scheduled a conference call to discuss licensing DB's Detachable Shock Absorber Shoulder Strap. Now, we're very excited to let everyone know, the call went great, and now they requested to see the samples!

This week, we shipped out samples of DB's Detachable Shock Absorber Shoulder Strap, invented by Dan and Barbara N of Annandale, VA.

We're very excited for Dan and Barbara N, and we're hoping we can give them a call letting them know we have a licensing agreement for them soon!


PWM's Licensed Product Is Now Available Through Revlon!

Revlon, Inc. and Coty Inc. announced that Revlon has acquired Coty’s international Cutex businesses.

“Cutex has been a consistent source of innovation, from its invention of liquid nail polish in 1917 to its popular nail polish removers widely used today,” said Gianni Pieraccioni, Executive Vice President and COO of Revlon. “With this acquisition, Revlon continues to enhance our global brand portfolio and it provides us with a springboard to grow the Cutex brand worldwide. We are excited to complete the global consolidation of the Cutex brand, as this will enable us to optimize the brand’s full potential.”

The Cutex Cotton Ball Holder, invented by Tim H., is described as "the breakthrough product that has Oprah Magazine, the TODAY show and Real Simple hooked on the handy rubber cap that removes polish without harming your hard work".

We're all looking forward to seeing the product grow now that it is available through Revlon!

Scheduling Conference Call

A company known for manufacturing industrial work gloves including impact, flame retardant, high-heat, cut resistant, palm dip & Kevlar sleeves is interested in C’s Illuminated Work Gloves, invented by Cheryl F of Stanley, VA.

They have already reviewed the portfolio, and had our Product Licensing Agent, Bobbie, fill out their New Product Request Form. Now we are setting up a conference call to discuss moving forward.


Best of luck Cheryl from all of us here at Pacific World!

Potential Licensing Agreement In The Works

We are very excited that VK's Triple Safety Blade Ice Skate is currently under review for a potential licensing agreement and discussions have progressed. A company that offers a wide variety of skating products from beginners to pros is interested in the unique idea.

VK's Triple Safety Blade Ice Skate was invented by Kevin C and Veronika L of Browns Mills, NJ and is ideal for beginners! It's almost like training wheels for your ice-skates. The back half of the blade is split into two pieces that can be adjusted to different distances to make things easier, or more difficult to balance.

We're all wishing luck to Kevin C and Veronika L!

Conference Call Set to Discuss Potential Licensing Agreement

In about two weeks, Pacific World Marketing will be discussing a potential licensing agreement with a company that has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for the experienced traveler for over two decades.


The company is interested in DB's Detachable Shock Absorber Shoulder Strap invented by Barbara and Dan N of Annandale, VA. This inventive product attaches to the strap on your bag, and absorbs some of the weight to alleviate your neck, shoulders, and back!


Best of luck to Dan and Barbara! We're all hoping for the best on that call!

One Company, Two Potential Licensing Agreements

It's always a good day at Pacific World Marketing when we can call a client, and let them know a company has expressed further interest in their invention. It's a great day, when we can call two clients, and let them know that we've sent Sample Licensing Agreements for them!!

The Two Becomes One Ring Collection, invented by Kristine S, and Linda’s Aquila Bracelets, invented by Linda T, are both under review by the same company! This company offers full service jewelry manufacturing specializing in fashion jewelry, sterling silver, and gold filled jewelry. Founded in 1985 as a Tool & Die Manufacturer, they have managed to prosper into the full service jewelry manufacturer it is today by maintaining their strong belief in the values of honesty, integrity and perseverance.

Our contact at this company let us know that he will show the portfolios to some of his buyers, and as long they are interested, he is interested!

We’ll be following up with him soon, and hopefully we’ll be able to call both clients and let them know we’ve found a licensing agreement for them!

We’re all wishing luck to Kristine S and Linda T!

Prototype Bought From Inventor by Manufacturer

One of our wonderful products, the X-Bar Lock, is currently under review by a company that is a supplier of cutting, measuring and safety products for the school, home, office, hardware and industrial markets.

Our Product Licensing Agent sent the inventor's prototype for review for a potential licensing agreement. The company then bought the prototype from the inventor for testing.

If all goes well in testing, we will have a new licensing agreement to offer the inventor! Best of luck to Daniel P of Bellevue, WA!

Samples in Production for Potential Licensing Agreement

J & J’s Circuit Breaker Illumination System, invented by Josiah B and Jay R of Kila, MT, is a product that illuminates your circuit breaker when the lights go out.

We have had a conference call, and sent a sample licensing agreement to the company interested. They are currently making samples to test the patent, and we are in contact with them as they work on it.

Good luck to Josiah and Jay!